Antique or not ?

Started by konniela, Oct 17, 2018, 04:36:39

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The last days, I spend a lot of time to find out more about this three pieces,  but I am still uncertain, if they are realy old. I bought them, but they will arrive first in a few days. I know, do not post different pieces together, but thats all I have on photos now.

May be Edo ?

Thanks for interest and help


I konniela, I have seen this decoration on Meiji items before, Arita Imari antiques


Thank you Stan, can you say, if they are more early or late meiji ? I can not find pieces to compare.
Imari is realy, realy difficult for me, so I am happy, that I was not completly wrong.

If more photos can help, let me know.


I would put these on the late side judging the foot.


Foot ! I have to learn much more about foots ! I will do that.

Ok, Edo was completly wrong, late meiji is ok.

The good news is : They are all undamaged and very nice.

Thanks for all your help and patience