Chinese song glazed plate

Started by Rec, Oct 14, 2018, 19:24:59

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Hi guys,
What is your expert opinion on this  vey neatly glazed dish with an unglazed brownisch footrim?  Undwr the mic. I see a lot of different size air bubbles some scratches and what i think dead bubbels. 
Thanks in advance and greetings



Some sort of earthenware or stoneware, not porcelain. The bottom looks new, without age or usage signs.
There is no use to look at bubbles in such a case. I can not see any dead bubbles in your pictures. 
You should be aware that bubble size itself is not usable as an age sign, as this can be reproduced by using clay and firing methods as they were used in the old times. This can only be used to confirm age combined with other age signs.


Hi Peter,
Thank you very much
i think you're right abouth the bottom. It doesnt show much usage signs. Could it be because this plate used probably as a decoratief item in a cabinet and not used as a dish?  Im asking this becasue  the glaze shows  some age signs and because im not familiar with stoneware and don't know how to spot usage signs :)