Large blue white bowl wit unglazed bottom

Started by Rec, Sep 23, 2018, 03:28:20

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Hi guys,
I have two of these blue and white  boards in my possession and would like to know where and when these are made and information abouth this type of decoration. I hope you can help me with it.
Thanks in advance and greetings


Qianlong reign. The decoration between the flowers would have been Arabic or Persian writing. I do not know if these actually are such writing, and which.

Kenny Kumala

Hi Rec,

I've the same one, wich I bought it over 15 years ago, it may usefull for a comparison.



Thanks Peter,
I found a dish between the desauru shipwreck wich has an unglazed bottom with flower decoration like mine. They dating it from Jingdezhen reign. So i hooped this was also from that period. So I'm little dissapointed that this is not from Jingdezhen period. But just very very little ;)

Hi Kenny
At the first look, your dish has a slightly different decoration between the flowers  ( yours like more on the desauru flower dish) and a more straight foot rim than mine. Also the color of the unglaized bottom is darker than mine. Did you try to clean up yours?  Maybe yours is from an other period and Peter can help you with dating
Greetings rec