Please Help with Odd Rose Medallion Punch Bowl

Started by Secretariat1973, Sep 20, 2018, 15:57:00

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    I've acquired this 14" diameter punch bowl, which I would call "Rose Medallion" since the medallions alternate between people and flowers, birds, etc.  I would greatly appreciate any help explaining the Greek key pattern being used on the bowl, the use of what look like one inch diameter "pentagrams," any ideas about the marks on the base, an explanation or description of the maroon symbol on yellow background in the very center at the bottom of the bowl, and finally a date range....does anybody know when this was created and what is the proper name for it?  I thought the symbol in the center and other unusual symbols that seemed unique might make this some sort of family bowl...or "Armorial" Your help is greatly appreciated and thanks for taking time to read this.



you are right, the name of this decoration is rose medaillon. The mark is not clear to see, but altogether this bowl looks like made in the second half of 20.century. As I know, the sign in the middle means longevity.


Late 20th century, judging by the way faces, etc. are painted.


Thank you both.  I suspected it was newer.  Do people still collect pieces like this and does it have some value in your opinion?

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