famille noir vase

Started by Rec, Sep 13, 2018, 02:30:10

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I have received these photos from my dealer and would like to know what your expert opinion on this vase
greetings, Rec


I have some unverified information that black only painted decorations were not made from the Qianlong period onwards. Only some combined with gilt or other colors. Generally the lines of black decorations had very fine lines.


The mark is a Guangxu mark, although apocryphal, Peter wouldn't this be called a Grisailly style, I agree with the age the black lines look as if they were just painted.


Yes right, Stan. But "grisaille" decorations were discontinued after the Yongzheng or during the Qianlong reign. That is decorations using ONLY black pigments. Those with grisaille/gilt combinations continued to be made.
I do not think this is Qing dynasty, though. As far as I know this kind of thick lines were used only after the Guangxu reign, but would be open to proof to the contrary.
Notable is also that there is no abrasion, although black is very susceptible.


so I can better stay away it?