Peculiar dragon bowl- batavia?

Started by Isaac1998, Sep 08, 2018, 17:14:19

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I've found this in a junk shop here, but it's left me a little puzzled.

It's in amongst a box of maybe 20 bowls, some of which are transferred and not so old, and some of which are hand painted and look like they're maybe republican or early PROC.

This is the only one which really caught my eye. It appears to have some aging signs but in my eyes it could still be new.

Could some provide more info on dating and maybe give a stylistic breakdown? I should point out that the blue underglaze is quite strange in that the dragon & clouds and their white backgrounds are very slightly raised up from the brown surface. The mark is unreadable to me.

Pics at google link below


Judging by the dragon it is late Qing or early republic. I have never seen Batavia ware from that period, but judging by the style it was probably made for domestic use.

Kenny Kumala

Peter, I'm agree with "made for domestic use". It's similar in West Borneo/Kalimantan, about 1750 there was a great migrant people from China to this area working in the gold mining, so at that time they established some "kiln" for local use. and still today they are exist. We still buy the old one which we say it is "old singkawang" because most of the product are more than 200 years.


No, neither have I Peter. I thought it odd to see that colour on a seemingly later piece. He wants around 25USD. Worth the gamble surely?