Kangxi marked peony saucer

Started by Isaac1998, Sep 04, 2018, 23:19:17

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I found five of these in an antique shop. I have bought one and am going to pick up the rest at the weekend, at a cost of about $30USD each...

They have a Kangxi mark but I am not sure if they are of the period, and wondered whether they are later Qing imitations. Can anyone suggest a date? I'd say they're definitely old (you can see some faint rust spots and appropriate wear), but I don't know if they're 100 or 300 years old.

Either way, 30 dollars each seems like peanuts...


More pics at google link below:


Probably Guangxu reign. Although usually the Kangxi marks used during that reign are four character marks, one finds occasionally one with six characters. The design was common in the Guangxu reign.

The following image search result for this specific 'Chinese pattern name+Guangxu' shows that this was/is fairly common. Made over an extended period of time, the pattern is also found on new and printed porcelain items: tinyurl.com/y929jdh6



Hi guys- thanks for the feedback.

I think Peter is right with a Guangxu date; the Kangxi versions of this pattern, to my eyes, are far tighter and more refined. These are almost identical to a pair of Guangxu bowls I bought back in Beijing.

I know external links aren't allowed- but one can refer to 'The Art of China: Online Winter Sale' at Chr*stie's, lot 132 'A GROUP OF FOUR SMALL BLUE AND WHITE 'LOTUS' SAUCER DISHES', for a very similar set with a Guangxu mark.

On that note, is this pattern peony or lotus? I have seen both used interchangeably.

Either way, I believe I still got a bargain?


The Chinese name for this pattern is ??? . The last character means lotus, while the first two indicate a vine, which is actually depicted. Lotus are never vines, and sometimes the flowers of this pattern look quite different.


Thanks Peter!

I'll post more pics when I have the others.


Hi! So I went back today and picked up the other five, and had a rather nice surprise.

The seller had another saucer, mark and period- to my opinion- of Jiaqing, that he said came from the same person. I bought it for around 20USD.

He also had a rather nicely painted blue and white tea bowl with an apocryphal Kangxi mark (Guangxu period?), which came again from the same person. Sadly, he broke it a few years ago- but gave it to me for free! Worth getting restored? It's in quite poor shape.

Pics of all of them at the google link below. In my opinion, Peter is quite right that the saucers are Guangxu; I think they're definitely old but not Kangxi.

I'd appreciate feedback on the other two pieces. Thanks!

Either way, it seems like a very nice find considering I paid about 150usd for all of this!



I believe the pattern on the Kangxi imitation cup depicts the symbols of the eight immortals. Can anyone confirm?