chinese Imari of 18th century?

Started by kdr, Aug 19, 2018, 23:18:39

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I bought this small saucer (diameter about 16 cm or 6.3 inches) first of all because it had this cute drawings of the insects, secondly because it looked old to me. After some research, I am new with chinese porcelain, I think it could be Chinese Imari and I hope it is 18 th century. I am not sure if the colours and foot rim fit the hypothesis. If it does, it would be a nice "scholar" example for me .... I also wonder what kind of plant is in the middle: the one with the long blue straight up rod and blue and red leaves aside it.
I read that 18th century chinese Imari has brighter porcelain, but in my opinion is this one more blueish than white.
On the pictures, the blue is somewhat darker than in reality.


Hi Kdr, the pictures are to small, I am not seeing any age signs on the bottom where they should be, and the edge of the plate looks like there are way to many chips or missing glaze on the edge and a close up of the decoration is needed also one of the bottom, a close up of the foot rim at a 45% angle, thanks.


Thank you Stan, for taking your time looking at this.
See some more pictures...


Yes, would be Kangxi Imari. The insects seem to be crickets.