6- unmarked cup and saucer

Started by Rec, Jul 25, 2018, 05:35:09

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I bought 3 pieces of this cup & saucer, they are certainly old, but how old i don't know. also I've no idea whether they are of Japanese or Chinese origin. what do you think?


pics of saucer.

I will post the rest of my purchases tomorrow.

thanks in advance and greetings


If you look closely you can see the dots from printing in the red lines. Perhaps a Chinese motif but style is not Chinese at all.


The foot and bottom look modern and as peter said the decoration is printed and some hand painting, I have not seen anything quite like these from Japan, but I do see many new porcelain from China using dot printing, if it is from Japan it would be the first dot printing i have seen, could also be chinoiserie but modern for sure.


Thank you guys you helping me very well.
I think this could be an English Staffordshire Chinoiserie cup & saucer. I found on the web an other cup & saucer with the same decoration and bottom and that was also partly dot printed and partly hand painted. I'm going now finding someone who can tell me more about Staffordhire porcelain.

greetings, Rec


Hello Rec
Unlikely English Staffordshire Chinoiserie. Staff is top notch. Not Asian but nothing like this would have left the factory. The printing makes this look very strange. I wouldn't touch it.
Best wishes D


What i till now find about this cup and saucer:
This is a distinct type of English ?filled-in? or ?clobbered? transfer  porcelain which appeared for a brief period in 1820?s during the reign of George IV. They show the typical ?London Shape? teacup style, with a polychrome transfer Chinoiserie decoration of an Oriental male carrying two birds balanced on a long pole.  These Chinoiserie pieces stand out against many other potteries, due to their brightly enamelled colouring which were hand-painted as an ?over-glaze?. A number of companies could have produced this duo, namely Hilditch, Ridgway, Rathbone, Copeland and Garrett, Samuel Alcock. The most likely candidate is Hildotch.
Is it a genunie Hilditch? I don't  know but i hope it is.
Greetings, rec


For some reason the pictures of the full piece didn't load on my pc, only the close-ups. On a second look your hunch maybe correct. What I see though is an incredible amount of wear.
Good luck and best wishes


hi DavidC,
thank you for your best wishes.
Some of the detail photos are shooted by using magnifier. You don't see these wear signs with naked eye
greetings, Rec