Fish plate

Started by Rec, Jul 24, 2018, 15:00:26

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Can you help me with identify this plate?


This looks like early showa period made in Arita.


thanks Stan,
does have any collection value or is this a typical example for the mass production after 1910-20?
greetings, Rec


I personally think this is a good plate to collect, it might not have a high collectors value now but a very nice plate that I think will go up in value in the near future.


Hi Stan,
Thanks for the advice. I bought it


Hi Rec
This is another beauty and Stan is right. They are going up. However if you paid the amount that is mentioned in the file name you may have to wait a little while before you reap a return. Its sometimes tough but the most difficult thing in the world is making someone part with money. (I make no comment on folks who seem to buy everything and anything without thinking. That is a socio psychological argument that I'm not going to open).

Good sellers will amass a stock which slowly, slowly they will manage to dissipate into interested markets. Sometimes though the margins are small. Almost gone are the days when you could get a piece for $10 and a week later pass it on for 500, (obvious exceptions that hit the news excepted). The internet has educated people to a point and the person interested in your plate is coming to the table armed with all sorts of information that would only have been available via hours and hours stuck inside books and museum libraries. You seem to have a plan and are working well at it though. Good luck. If you are prepared to work an scurry around for small margins the rewards can be great. I just wish I'd fallen into a museum library as a baby.....Hahahahha. Best wishes All...D