small imari plate

Started by Rec, Jul 19, 2018, 04:45:20

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I know i can better collect unbroken pieces but i couldn't resist this beauty, so i took it with me to home.
Stan, what do you think? is this a genuine piece and if so in which period is manufactured. By the way this is also an eggshell like porcelain


The restoration looks horrible. If the foot rim is slanted, this might be Kangxi Imari.


HI Peter,
yes it's is slanted and I agree; the reparation is done very badly. I don't know of it's a good idea to professionally re-repair this plate. The plate is pretty delicate (12 cm X 2 cm and only 75 gr) and the glaze from second firing like to letting loose.

So, what's your advice?
greetings, Rec


this plate is also painted. Probably as part of the reparation job. I easily can scraped the painted area. So, I was totally wrong, the glaze from second firing is not letting loose.  :)


Basically, this is worthless. You can use it as sample and learn something about repairs. The painted area hides the repairs, but unless you remove it you cannot know how bad it is. Could be that the original pieces are all there, but if there are too many of them, or some were missing/remade, it is not worth repairing again. Such dishes are still fairly plenty and therefore are not high value items. Any restoration would likely cost more than a new one.


I agree with Peter, looks like Kangxi Imari, this is a good piece to have even broken, it is not expensive but a good example of the colors and bottom for study of Chinese Imari.