imari cup

Started by Rec, Jul 19, 2018, 04:37:09

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Hi Stan,
is this a kaikemon tea cup? And is it normal that the second firing is getting loose? 


This looks like Imari, but not sure if it is Chinese or Japanese.


Top diameter= 5,5 cm, high= 4,5 cm, foot diameter= 2 cm. weight= 35 gr

I discovered that someone painted the cup with an ugly white and blue color. Probably as part of the reparation job. I easily scraped some part of the white and blue color and now I see the original color and porcelain. Does this information suffices/Did I gave you enough information/ Is this enough information to help you further?


It also looks like the repair takes up most of  the actual decoration on the inside, the outside looks more original.