eggshell porcelein?

Started by Rec, Jul 19, 2018, 03:26:24

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hi Stan,
I have 10 of these miniature eggshell like porcelain plates. with different decoration. i post a few pics of them.
Could you please let me know what they were used for and when and by whom made?
thanks and greetings


Before Stan answers I would like to note that this is not likely egg shell porcelain. Egg shell porcelain must be fully glazed to become egg shell. With egg shell porcelain most of the clay body is removed in a complicated process, leaving almost only the glaze.


Hi Rex, these look very old, I think it is more clay than porcelain maybe a mixture of the two, these look like they could be 18th century or older, take these with you when you see an expert, I would think at least 18th century, what is the diameter of these ?


Thank you guys,
You're both right , it's not eggshell porcelain. I have never seen these type off stuff and because they are very lightweight and delicate so I called them eggshell-like porcelain :)

Foot diameter is appr. 6.5 / 6,6 cm and  2 cm high

At the back I see there is some soort  of stamp. Can you read it what its says?