HELP!! Ming Dynasty Crane Vase? (Could be forgery..) HELP!!

Started by smak, Jun 05, 2018, 10:48:10

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Hi all!

Need your help on this!

The color looks convincing to me but my gut tells me this vase is a forgery..

Please let me know whatt your thoughts are on this!

When was this made?
How old?



Yes, it is a fake. It is not worth obtaining items with that much enclosures in the glaze. Most of such items are fakes. There are some, occasionally, perhaps more in older porcelain. That is usually flying ash from firing without a saggar that got attached. But this much is odd. And this is not a Ming style bottom and foot rim, despite the mark. A dirty glaze is taken by some for age signs. They are fake age signs.


Thanks Peterp!

As expected, I didn't have high hopes for it! Didn't pay a whole lot for it so I didn't feel too bad!

Thanks again!