Please help the identification of the maker mark

Started by tbab03, May 17, 2018, 19:11:23

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Dear Members!

I am new in this forum.
We have one chinese? porcelain flower vase but i dont know tha maker.
Please help to identification.

Thank You


I think this is Japanese and its a modern piece. no collectors value.


The second I saw it I thought Japanese too. I can't talk about the age but it isn't at all traditional in my knowledge although you would need to wait for another more informed answer to conform. Best wishes D


I agree with Heavenguy and DavidC, Japanese the high polished gold tells us that it is recent made, Maybe somebody here could read the name.


?? (Hongfa) is probably a Chinese company or shop name. The first character is not used in Japanese, while the second is written in a manner that is old/unused in Japanese today.
Perhaps it was stamped on the glaze after firing, by a trader? You could try to scratch it with a needle, to see if it comes off.


Many thanks for Your helps and fast replies. :)


Now i make the needle probe and i cant scratch off the stamp


In my opinion this is a typical Chinese imitation of Japanese style, the colours and gold are the same on modern Chinese "Satsuma"...


Thank you Peter and Mat, for verifying the maker, it is hard to tell Japanese from Chinese and Chinese from Japanese on recent made items.


Dear Members!

Thanks to everyone for help!