An early Republican period baluster shaped vase with text??

Started by hoogenbosch67, May 14, 2018, 17:45:19

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An early Republican period (early 20th century) fine antique Chinese porcelain baluster shaped vase painted with figures enclosed by flowers and foliage on white porcelain ground. On the other side a chinese text/ calligraphy Can anyone confirm to me this is a poem or what else????

height 44,5cm - width 20cm - opening 17,5 cm and weight 2kg950


Looks more like mid -20th Century or later to me. Not sure about all that kiln grit.


I would think from the last few decades at the most. The painting style/method is at least forties or later. I? afraid this could be a modern copy of an early republic item. The reasoning is as follows.
The decoration looks fresh, the black characters show no abrasion at all. But the foot rim is extremely uncharacteristic for any time in the 20th century. There is kiln grit, the foot rim shows grinding traces, and there is some black substance adhering. Looks as if that is age faking.
(Kiln grit, for example, should not be present on any 20th century item. If there is any, it is highly suspect.)