Ming Dynasty Celedon Jar/ Bottle?

Started by smak, May 14, 2018, 11:25:19

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Hii all!

How old is this?
When was this made?

Many Thanks,


In my view this could be either Vietnamese or Thai rather than Chinese.


Thanks Peterp!

How old do you think this is?


Dating non-Chinese items is different, so no idea.


Hi Smak, looks like I can see dead bubbles but you really need a digital microscope to see them clearly, I do see what could be dead bubbles, I know it is still a fairly new science but examining all my pocelain all  the pieces that I know to be old has dead bubbles but some things do not , the items that do not and I thought was old makes me have some doubts about their age.


Search for celadon items from Si Satchanalai or Sukothai and you will find items with similar workmanship and glaze.


Thanks for the info guys!!

It does look like a celadon Sukhothai vase afterall!

I thought it'd be a Ming vase, but I was wrong!

Again! Many thanks!!!