Original He Chaozong?

Started by Pablo82, May 13, 2018, 18:03:30

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Dear Peter and members,

Please your opinion on this Blanc de Chine figurine. Ming He Chaozong or late Qing revival?
h cm 26

Thank you very much.


Pablo. I doubt I could help with such a figurine via pictures alone.
But some comments. I have never seen such finger imprints. Those I have seen all showed individual finger impressions. These here look as if the fingers were drawn over the surface to give the impression of the real thing. This could be because there were not impressions to begin with (it could be). The bottom/foot rim should have a consistency conforming to the Ming dynasty. Further, the white glaze should have a yellow hue, and look slightly pink if held against the sunlight (it is translucent). Real ming blanc-de-chine figurines were not pure white. This one does not look as if it was that color.
Always also check if such figurines show traces of a seam from the mould.


The color is not pure white actually, but the hue is neither yellow nor pink: It's definitely grey. On the other hand, I looked carefully for seams inside the inner hole with a flashlight, but I didn't find any. I hope it could be at least Guanxu, and not a fake. Peter, as always your advises are precious, I will remember them in my next purchases of blanc-de-chine figurines.