Song Dynasty Green jar

Started by smak, May 10, 2018, 21:25:32

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Hi all,

How old does this look?
When was this made?

Many thanks!


This is not porcelain but glazed earthenware. Would need to see actual item to check if it is stoneware. Chinese have generally no notion of stoneware, everything is separated into porcelain and earthenware. A lot of what the west calls stoneware is either of the two.

I see nothing that would allow dating this to Song or Yuan, as the label says. The bottom could be Qing dynasty, if it is Chinese. However, the prominently visible spiral on the outside is not normally present in traditional Chinese wares. Not in mainstream kiln wares.


Ah, I see!

Thanks Peterp!!

As always!!


The shape looks Korean to me, they were big on these bulbous shaped jars.


I don't know Stan... I am yet to see a Korean item with a flat bottom; would be interested to know if they for sure do have flat bottoms. Those I have seen all had either a foot rim or foot rim with spurs.


Good point Peter, I am more familiar with the shape than the bottoms, I did not know that Korean ware did not have flat bottom, the two pieces I have, have a foot.