Ming Dynasty Vase/ Jar?

Started by smak, May 07, 2018, 09:30:26

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Hi all!

Need your thoughts on this piece!

How old?
Is this piece common?
What was this used for?
It looks like it was buried for a while..



This is a ginger jar, but it is a fake.
In shape it is similar to Qing dynasty ginger jars, except that the glazed rim is wrong. And it has a Yuan dynasty type chrysanthemum that looks also wrong. The bottom gives this away too.


Hello Smak
Nobody buries things. Why do you think it was buried? I just thought. Best wishes D


Burial ware is put in tombs, older wares are often excavated but were not sepcifically/intentionally buried. And fakes are sometimes intentional buried to deceive buyers.


That's another thing I've learn't here. Of course it seems obvious now. Many cultures bury wares with the owner and of course burying objects to deceive buyers is a really good trick to age things quick. Thanks Peter