Late qing vase

Started by ssbill, Apr 16, 2018, 14:09:14

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I bought this vase a few weeks age for a few dollars. It's nothing very fancy but quality is OK for the period, better than the average late 19th C. export. The faces look tongzhi, am i right?


Normally you would see pitting on the bottom if late Qing, if the red color fills gritty to the touch it would be 20th century, but if it feels smooth and not gritty at all it could be late Qing but the bottom raises doubt.


The red is smooth. I bought it along other tongzhi-guangxu items I know are genuine. But it's true it isn't the usual foot rim of the period.


The foot rim is OK it is the bottom with no age signs that makes me have doubt.


What Stan is telling you is that the flat base area inside the foot rim looks too perfect and pristine for the period. He is right.