Green Vase with Fish Ears

Started by debbierose, Apr 15, 2018, 03:22:10

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Does anyone know anything about this vase? It is signed on the bottom (etched into the vase) along with a white tag that I cannot read. There are two fish(?) handles. The cracks are genuine. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Im not sure what this is, it looks like an English name.


It looks like a try at copying Chinese Longquan ware, with the vase shape not right. This type of inscribed writing on the bottom is usually only found on Korean items, though. As Stan mentioned, it looks like a western signature. The inscription one below does not seem to contain writing in any of the CKJ languages.


Thank  you, I appreciate your help!


I don't suppose " Made in Thailand" had crossed anyone's mind. First thing I thought of. Chang Mai factory.