Small vase. Yuan?

Started by Pablo82, Apr 04, 2018, 15:51:42

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Hallo Peter and members.
Please your opinion on this little celadon vase.
Thank you in advance.


The surface decoration is unusual. I would check if it could be Vietnamese or Thai.


Thank you for your suggestion, Peter. I found something similar on Wikipedia, "Thai ceramics" page.


Found! Thank you again for directing me, Peter.
"Thai antique celadon ribbed oil jar. made during the Era of Sukhothai in the kilns at Si Satchanalai in the late 14th century or early 15th century. The stoneware body is seen where the glaze falls short of the base. It has two small lug handles which was to aid the tying down of a cover over the top. The deep down turned rim also helps the covering.
The celadon glaze is very similar to the celadon used by the Chinese and is thick and covers the ribbed body down the sides. the jar was held by the base then dipped in the glaze and then held there for a while then turned over which is why you see drips down the unglazed body.
The ribbed jars are an uncommon shape and were used as various oil jars normally coconut oil".