Figurine (republic?)

Started by ssbill, Apr 02, 2018, 13:35:50

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This is a nice quality figurine. I can't read chinese and I couldn't find the mark online. In my opinion, the style looks from the republic period .


That statue is scary looking, I think its Japanese.


It is a Luohan (Arhat). They are often depicted as emaciated ascetics. If the skin areas were not glazed I would think it is Shiwan kiln, in southern China, but some artisans there do also fully glazed figurines. The mark appears to be a Chinese craftsman's name. Not sure if it is ? ?  ?. Maybe someone can confirm that the name is ???...which would translate to Chen He (??), who seems to be a current craftsman at Shiwan doing such figurines.
If it is indeed from Shiwan, it is likely a few decades old at the most.