Tongzhi vase

Started by ssbill, Mar 31, 2018, 13:39:52

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I thought these types of vases were only made from the guangxu reign to the republic period. I think the colors would be right for tongzhi. Nice quality for a piece with a stamped mark. Could this be mark and period? I would appreciate if someone could help to translate the text. Thanks


It is a Tongzhi mark but the decoration looks more like Guangxu to me.


There are also new decorations of this type. What I find suspicious is that the black writing shows no abrasion from use, but the originally orange ring just above it is almost white. If this is due to heavy handling, then the black writing should show some abrasion too. It is more easily abraded.


Hello Everyone
I'm new here. Please forgive "faux pas's" in advance
The handle is deliberately patinated  with a horrible strong line to the interior suggesting a non worn area. The handles of the piece were never orange. The script at the side is modern and the base equally. In my opinion. Help please Bill......