ID help for very large but shallow earthernware dragon bowl

Started by Rajet, Mar 23, 2018, 11:10:15

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Hi!  This old dragon earthenware bowl is just under 15" wide by just over 3" tall.  It is heavy, wide and shallow.  One of the dragons has an eyebrow and maybe the other two did as well at one time.  There's a chip in the rim.  I think the brown spot by one of the dragon's foot is a rust spot that is underneath the glaze.  I'm searching for information and I appreciate your help!


Here is a close up of the rust spot underneath the glaze and the dragon with the eyebrow.


I'm afraid this is not that old. This type of colors and work is from the 20th century.
The crackles are created artificially by opening the kiln door early during the cooling process.
The "rust" spot is not rust either. It could be painted or just something else adhering to the glaze. If you look closely you will see the crackling through its surface. Rust spots grow out from underneath the glaze and are clearly recognizable as iron rust if enlarged.


Thank you, Peterp.  I was wondering about the age.  I really wasn't sure on this one so I appreciate the confirmation.