White Moulded Vase

Started by ssbill, Mar 22, 2018, 09:47:05

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It doesn't look like anything chinese that I know. Could this be japanese or korean?


I have a fairly new lamp that is similar in style, I bought it because it looked old, it was sold as new, I have not seen anything like this in Japanese stone ware or porcelain.


With that brown etched mark it is likely Chinese, the Japanese did not mark that way.


Im not sure if this is Chinese or Japanese lets wait and see if anyone else can recognize it.


If it is Chinese, it is 20th century in my view. There exists no such decoration, covering a jar in full with applique, as far as I know. This is not a carved decoration but it is stuck unto the jar. I could agree that the jar itself is late Qing dynasty, but not the decoration.
What I have the most problem with, most non-Chinese, is the top rim decoration.