Look what I found in my dishwasher.

Started by Keith Fitzgerald, Mar 15, 2018, 01:21:11

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Keith Fitzgerald

My daughter has been using a large blue and white porcelain bowl for mixing pastry for the last three or four years.

I have never looked closely at it but, the other day I saw it upside down in the dishwasher and noticed the base was unmarked so I immediately took it out and took a closer look.

I knew it was unmarked therefore export ware intended for UK market and probably Victorian - maybe earlier, but that was all I knew.

It depicts Chinese boys playing in four scenes. I would be very grateful if anyone here can tell me more. Many thanks in advance.

It is a miracle it has survived absolutely undamaged after years in my kitchen but now at least it is stored safely and will remain ,.

Hopefully it dates as far back as the "KERCHING"dynasty

Once again many thanks for any help and advice. higher res pictur es here https://imgur.com/a/WV6DC

Keith Fitzgerald

Oh, I forgot to mention - It is large 6" diameter or 15cm at the base 14" or  35cm at the top and 8" high - looks made to last but painting seems rushed


HI, welcome to the forum.
If by Kerching you mean Qing Dynasty then unfortunately you bowl looks more recent.  Probably Communist China.


This is printed or transfer printed. It has no collecting value.

Keith Fitzgerald

Many thanks - I suspected that was the case, I will use it to air Puerh tea then.