Another tongzhi bowl

Started by ssbill, Mar 07, 2018, 00:59:13

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I've been fortunate to a meet a collector who want to sell his collection. He's not very knowledgeable about his items and I know a few of them are fake but there is also genuine pieces. There's about 30 pieces but I'll only post a few of them here not to spam the forum.


Do the outlines of the leaves and tree trunk as if they were printed?


I don't know. It looks as if the lines are very smooth.... Like dots . Is everything appropriate for the period?


The foot looks longer than usual, am I right?


Painting with dots is one type, but if contours are drawn with a brush or similar tool, the stroke would be in one line, and if viewed with a magnifier this would be clearly visible as a stroke.
There is one copying type where the outlines are printed or added with transfer, usually in black, and then the colors are filled in by hand. Only checking the actual item will tell.