Porcelain bought in the 60s

Started by Kensom, Mar 05, 2018, 08:31:48

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My grandmother lived in Hong Kong in the 60s, and took home some porcelain. Most of it is marked decorated in Hong Kong, but a couple of vases has different marks. Can anyone tell me something about this ? The  blue vase is a bit smaller, but heavier than the other vase.


Don't know about the Ming marked BW vase, but the other vase was probably new or near new at the time it was purchased.



The Chenghua mark is an apocryphal mark often used on later (not Chenghua reign) porcelain, the vase looks as if it was late Qing dynasty.


Thanks. I did some research, and found an almost identical vase with similar mark, from about 1950. Jingdezhen Zhi.

I can not find an identical mark as on the BW vase.