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Started by konniela, Mar 03, 2018, 12:48:23

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Hello everybody,

I have an eye on this vase. Right now, I have no photo from the bottom, but I think, this vase can be made in one of the last years of Qing or Republic.
May be the inscription can tell.

Thanks for interest and time



I've seen many of these types of vase in Europe. I think you have an export vase from the republic period. The way the flowers are painted is a dead giveaway


I agree with Ssbill, probably from the 30's or 40's.


I see my earlier answer was not uploaded. The black writing at the uttermost left might contain a cyclical year. Basically, this decoration appeared in the late Qing dynasty (about 1900) as Qianjiang decoration, but that was also the period in which many Qianjiang painters started using newer colors. Thus this decoration existed until far into the republic period.
This item looks a bit suspicious to me, because the black and gilt colors both are usually very much prone to getting abraded with handling. During normal handling the place where the gilt is now would not be touched much, usually. These (the Chinese call them 'ears') are just a decoration, not handles. The black birds also do not show any scratching or abrasion.
Many late Qing or early republic items with this sort of decoration show faded black writing; the black birds would show abrasion too. Here only the gilt is abraded. But gilt and black color are painted on the glaze and fired at lower temperatures than other colors, which in turn means they are also both easily abraded.

I would think that the best explanation for the discrepancies mentioned above might be:  (1) the whole item is much later, as already stated by Stan, or the vase itself is old, and the bird/floral decoration and writing was added/repainted later.