Need some help with this plate

Started by hoogenbosch67, Feb 19, 2018, 23:58:18

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jiaqing  export (early 19th century) i think.


I agree with ssbill, the celadon plate of the period but the decoration is much later I think, late Guangxu.


I'm with Stan, late 19th century...


Seems to be early 19th century to me. Shows typical decorations and colors of the Daoguang/Jiaqing period. Not sure what mark this is. Usually they have a mark typical for the Jiaqing reign, but this differs. It seems to say ?? ?qianshun), which could be a name by itself or a contraction of Qianlong and Shunzhi, but unlikely.
This is export limited mainly to this period.
If you have access to a book showing export porcelain in the Guangzhou museum you should be able to find it.  (Guangzhou=formerly Canton)



This is one of the most common type of Qing export porcelain you find today in the west. These are so common I could probably buy 50 similar dishes by next week.