second yellow cup

Started by giulio cesare, Feb 12, 2018, 17:37:41

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giulio cesare

also this cup according to you is new or could it be of republican age? compared to the other it is darker yellow, egg yolk


Yes, the color of this one is better, but it is still not possible to tell from when it is, based on pictures. Monochromes are difficult because there is no other decoration than the glaze, and when they look new and unused it is even more so.
This would require a hands-on inspection using magnifier, checking weight, etc. You could also check if the glaze looks as if it was sprayed on.
Just one thing, depending on where you obtain such items the price may also tell something. Anything yellow like this and made before the end of the Qing dynasty would have to be imperial ware, and as such would have a higher price tag, otherwise it is most likely 20th century.

giulio cesare

I understand well that objects of this kind can be understood only by looking at them from the truth and touching them.

thanks anyway for your opinion

giulio cesare

I do not think it is an imperial object because on one side it has a small manufacturing defect. I do not think this would have been tolerated in an imperial object