Ancient Porcelain bowl never seen better colors help!!!

Started by Antiquejunkie, Feb 08, 2018, 13:22:04

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Has beautiful flowers and a bird. Has beautiful black and gold detail to make color pop.  Ive tried reading bottom and i cant please help. Thanks


This is hardly Ancient Porcelain, possibly from the 60's, I could not find the mark in my books, maybe someone else can help.


Usually when i camt find something it means its rare.  No made in china or japan mark which means it would predate that law. 


It is a Japanese mark. The crackling means nothing. It can be created artificially and some items have it when they are new. Age signs are more subtle than that.


No. It is usually just the name of the artisan, manufacturer or kiln.
This one is a kiln name: ???  (Seizan gama)


I agree with Stan's dating, the "Made in Japan" may have been on a paper label or it was not exported but bought in Japan.


I would date to probably about 1960-1980. Seizan with the presence of "gama" usually dates second half of the 20th Century. I believe Seizan began using its most current mark that has "Japan" written underneath in the 1980s, so this piece likely dates from before that.



I agree with Mat regarding the use of 'Made in...' on porcelain. I cannot remember having seen that when living in Japan. It is probably only used when something is intended for export at the time of manufacture. What you see on domestic porcelain most often is the manufacturer's name with 'yaki' ? (meaning 'fired') at the end.