(Yongzheng?) Sanskrit 'Om' teacup

Started by Isaac1998, Feb 07, 2018, 15:37:10

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I bought this cup yesterday which is decorated with a simplified version of the Sanskrit character 'om'. The seller said it was Yongzheng but I am not sure. I was wondering if anyone could help provide more info.

More pics in link below



This pattern has been made for a long time, also on Yongzheng reign items. However, judging by the mark and foot rim this one is more likely late Ming to early Qing. My personal view.


Hi Peter,

Thanks very much. One thing I did notice was an almost smoky texture prevalent in the blue painting which I see more commonly in Ming pieces (this feature is most prominent in the bottom outer line but is difficult to capture in photographs).

I was not sure it was not a later piece because of how good condition it is in; there are only a few minor scratches to the glaze which I have tried to catch in the pictures.


This type of glaze is also present in some items of the Qing dynasty, and early Kangxi reign. It is called 'duck's egg' color in Chinese.