Unusual mark - translation please

Started by 2fat2slow, Feb 04, 2018, 18:04:34

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Dear All,

I would be grateful if someone could translate this mark, as this one as I never seen before..




the mark allone can not tell us, where a piece comes from or how old it is. Also the mark is not clear to see.
Please send more photos.


Dear konniela,

I am seeking advice when translating mark - I do believe picture provided good enough when reading mark.

I am not seeking advice when dating this porcelain object.



I believe the mark say's " Jin Tang Fa Ji " Mark of the splendid hall of growing prosperity-business name (Qing).


You beat me to it, Stan. :)  The characters on left side of the mark look cramped, especially the lower one is difficult to read. How did you find it?  This appears to be a shop mark.
The item itself looks as if it could be from Liling kiln.


It is in my book of Marks on Chinese Ceramics.