Qing dynasty bowl

Started by Gatorfuture, Mar 27, 2018, 10:56:25

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I got a bowl from my friends grandfather last week, I am curious what is the age of this bowl, is it from late Qing dynasty or from republic?


It's a qianlong mark but I think this bowl is from the 20th century. Not Qing,  chinese republic or later.


I agree, this is something so much later than republic.


We need close up pictures of the decoration to really tell the age, it could be printed, if it is it would be much later, also a close up of the mark, thanks.


Thanks for all you inputs!
I did a research that this kind of bowl is mainly created at 3 stages: 1. Qian long 2. Chinese republic 3. 70-80th of 20 century.
I am really curious what caused you thought it?s coming from what age.
The closer pictures are attached.


Is it egg shell porcelain?
The Qianlong mark is spurious.
More closeup shots required of foot rim and top rim decoration, bottom area taken at 45 degrees.
Foot rim partial, closeup picture showing shape. Any high resolution picture showing the brush strokes really close.

I would look for "egg shell porcelain". There are lots of 20th century items showing the same rim decorations. As long as they are hand-made they may have value because of the laborious work involved in producing the egg-shell body.