A B/w rectangular box marked jiajing

Started by heavenguy, Jan 24, 2018, 06:30:30

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This is a box I found today in a Small town north from where I live. When I bought it I thought it was probably one of those 19th century Wanli marked items.But I got confused with the mark and is actually a jiajing mark in a rectangular cartouche.

Looks hand painted. The glaze has an orange peel feel. The color looks 19th century but I was reading that period jiajing has tons of blue color shades. The foot seems very new. You can kind of see the bubbles in the mark without need of a magnifying glass but a 30x one shows different size bubbles alright. It has wear and use but its hard to show in photos. You can see in bubble pictures.

Any opinions? 19th century?

thank you in advance.


Here are the side and the bubbles. This box shows different type of shades of blue. I guess some parts where closer to the fire source. The blue part is has a slight bluish tint than the rest of the unpainted part as inside the box. The unglazed clay part is very white. I see no signs of iron between the unglazed and the glazed.

thank you once again


I'm afraid this looks like a 20th century item. Please do not concentrate on the bubbles, now that you do know about them. Bubbles of different size were predominant in certain eras, hundreds of years ago, but some fakes and newer objects do also have them.
The fakers will try anything to imitate old features. Producing with old methods they may be able to recreate the bubbles. (The dead bubbles are a wholly different matter.) That is the reason why we always need multiple features agreeing to a specific, supposed age, and not a single one may disagree. Otherwise the item ca not be antique.
In this case the painting style and face features are more recent.
BTW, I can see no orange peel glaze. It was appearing mainly in certain periods only. When you see a real orange peel glaze you will recognize it for sure, no matter whether you have seen one before or not. It is not the wavy appearance that some glazes have. It looks really like the peel surface. But, it is not as frequent as the wavy type of surface.


Thank you Peterp. Don't worry I didn't go only because of the bubbles I know is only part of identifying the item. I thought that it had some age to be an 19th century item. I originally thought it was an Wanli replica. I read in a book they made a lot of replicas in the 1850s. It wasn't until I got home that I sawthe mark was a Jiajing. For some reason the orange peel doesn't show on the pics, but like you said it may only be some wavy things.

Anyways, thank you very much.