Idenification marks

Started by jacobi16, Mar 16, 2018, 00:21:04

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Can someone help me translate these markings.
I am not sure if they are Chinese or Japanese.
I have looked on different sites but can not find anything that looks like them.

It is a small egg shell saucer with a diameter of 12,3 cm's. (4 7/8 inches).

Thank you.


May be someone else can help with the mark, but the foot rim and colors and decoration point to 20th century, first half.


Thank you Stan. That's a start anyway.


????????Seishintei Keiko made.  Not sure if the first part is read properly because the same characters can sometimes be read differently in Japanese. There is no information on this at all on the web. The name is a common female name.


Thank you peterp.
It would definitely be Japanese then.