Turquoise Vase

Started by bokaba, Mar 15, 2018, 13:36:31

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Is this a late 19th Century Kangxi style vase? The unusual decoration and clean glaze on the bottom lead me to believe this is a late 20th Century item.

Thank you



I have two issues with this vase, I'm afraid. One is the shape. Vases with this sort of shoulder/neck/mouth shape are more often than not square not round. If anyone knows otherwise I am interested to know.
The second problem I see is the color usage. This is not a typical Qing color combination and some colors like the olive green are more often encountered on items of the 20th century.


I have seen several of these new from China sold on E-bay,  and to Peter, this is a Kangxi shape or 18th century, I have seen them at the high auctions in the famille verde, I also had onethat was 18th century.


This example from the National Palace Museum in Taipei shows the correct Kangxi shape:


I am pretty certain at this point that this is a modern fake newly made in China.