Is this authentic Chinese porcelain or could it be Japanese?

Started by Lisa, Mar 15, 2018, 04:43:29

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Having trouble finding information about this plate.  I have searched for the marking on the back to see if this gives any clues.  I am not an expert at all.  Looking to find out where it came from and how old it might be.


Possibly Japanese due to the blue circle around the foot. We need to see the inside and side view of the plate.



That is an Artemisia leaf mark from the Kangxi period but you need to show the rest of the plate and decoration for a proper age id.


Hizen potters aslo did marks like this copying the Kangxi artemisia leaf as Heavenguy has already mentioned , I would need a bottom picture of the foot at an angle showing the whole bottom and foot, and one of the front as well, Kangxi did do Chinese Imari.