Can this be of kangxi period?

Started by ssbill, Mar 06, 2018, 13:02:12

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This is a very nice quality dish. Is it a kangxi period plate or a more modern reproduction?


I have had a couple 20th century chargers with the same type of foot rim, it is a quality piece, I do not think that they had such a bottom like this in the Kangxi period.


I believe these double foot rims were used in the Kangxi period, but they were very rare. The decoration looks good, but the blues are too intense and the faces are too lifelike for Kangxi or late 19th Century in  my opinion. The foot also appears to have very little wear.

These famille verte decorations are one of the few well-imitated in the 20th Century. I think this piece would probably be mid-20th Century.



I agree, these double foot rims were already used in the Kangxi period. As a norm the inner rim would be slightly higher. It is mostly found on large plates or chargers, the purpose being reinforcement of the bottom.
The most concrete feature that makes it unlikely to be Kangxi is the decoration underneath. Mostly decorations underneath the rim were found on blue and white wares, and they were not as elaborate as this one.


Thanks for the correction Bokaba and Peter, the chargers I have are modern, it is good to know that bottoms like this existed in the Kangxi period.


Hi Stan,

Here is a double rim Swatow charger from the 17th/18th century from Rinauldi's "Kraak Porcelain."


Thanks Bokaba for the photo, it says the double foot has a dip made to take a stand, but as Peter said also for strength depending on the size of the plate.