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Started by konniela, Dec 31, 2017, 06:46:52

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I bought this small bowl. I think, it is from the century. When it is correctly, it would be great, when somebody could give some more informations about it.



The picture of the base is not good enough to see details, but it seems to be a Lingzhi plate from the Mid-Qing dynasty (18th century). Possibly from Dehua kiln.

This is a Chinese-style plate or dish, not a bowl.


I hope these photos can help.

Happy new year to you and everybody here in the forum.


Thanks for the additional pictures. A bit later, perhaps early 19th century, with an 18th century mark. But not sure now whether it is from Dehua; the blue pigment looks brighter, more like that from Jingdezhen.


Is has it`s age, thats good.

Thank you for the details and your time