Qianlong export plate/bowl

Started by Isaac1998, Dec 22, 2017, 02:56:56

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I think today may have been my lucky day. Spotted these three plates on an online auction site & the largest one caught my eye. If I'm not mistaken, a Qianlong export bowl?

I got all three for just ?5! (under 7USD)

The other plates don't seem too interesting; the smallest one is British chinoiserie, and the other one seems to be modern Chinese & not noteworthy (pics below).

Would appreciate a second opinion on these two Chinese bowls. Do not have more pics or size specifications until I can pick them up.



You should upload a photo of the bottom, a 18th C plate bottom is easy to recognize.


Qianlong export is right. The bottom fits this also.


Thanks Peter. I can't believe I was the only person who bid!

Hi William, you can follow the link below for more pictures; those are the only ones I have at present.

The other piece is just modern junk, right?


Your link shows three, two are Chinese export. The other seems to be Japanese.


The gilded plate is British chinoiserie. The other Chinese one (squaring, odd mark on the back and no staples), I had assumed was modern due to the relative shininess of the glaze. Do you agree?


Yes, now that I enlarged it I can see the difference.
No, the one with the flowers has a typical Japanese design, nothing Chinese.