Edo or Early Meiji Dragon Vase

Started by williamh, Dec 20, 2017, 23:30:35

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I searched the mark online and I found it is an Edo or early Meiji mark. Can someone tell me more about this? Is it collectable?


There is a few things that make me question age, one, I could not find the mark in my book, I did see similar marks but this looks backward from the ones in my book, two, the foot rim is two wide in my opinion, for antique satsuma type, three, the decoration looks clunky and I have never seen this type of dragon on Japanese earthenware or porcelain, but I have seen it on Chinese porcelain, I would put this at a later date 20th century.


Looks like a later item to me too.
That mark is a ? (fuku) mark used in the late Ming dynasty until early Qing dynasty in China. It is an auspicious character and you will see it often on Japanese porcelain too. Often it is written in black on a green background on newer Japanese porcelain.


The marks I have seen like this are usually Kutai that have the fuku mark but this one looks different than the ones I have and the ones in my book, I guess it was just poorly written.


Also there is an impressed "JAPAN" mark on the footrim, which makes an late Edo - early Meiji date impossible.


Your right Mat, I missed that, I have a new computer with a 27" screen and a 5k resolution,  the details are amazing, on this screen the impressed Japan is very clear.