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Started by ssbill, Dec 16, 2017, 01:59:11

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This is a plate with very fine decorations.  I know the bottom doesn't have the traditional shape of a 18th C plate but I know there is many different shape a 18th C.  plate can be.  Could it be from early 19th C. or 18th C.?


These photo's are not good enough to say one way or another, close up pictures of the faces and one of the bottom at an angle thanks.


Hi, Stan. All of these antique chinese porcelain items I'm asking question about  are items from clients who send me photos by email. I buy all kind of stuff, chinese porcelain is just one thing I regularly come across. Many times my clients are elderly people who barely know how to send photos by email. It's sometimes complicated to get good photos. When I ask to take them a certain way,  some people don't understand.

This is another plate from the same collection. This may help you.


Probably Chinoiserie. A Chinese motif not painted in a Chinese manner.


I agree Peter, that was my impression, but I am trying to get good photo's for viewing, especially the bottoms we need pictures that show the shape of the foot taken at an angle, these frontal pictures do not show the shape.