Started by konniela, Dec 15, 2017, 03:00:23

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I looked around to find out, how old pieces like this can be. The oldest I found, was early republic, also a lot of these pieces seems to be of poor quality. This one here seems to be better made, so I would like to know, if it can be from early republic.



Usually late qing/early republic have the impressed clothe on the bottom along with some type of mark. I have seen some pieces where the head some type of hump in the middle of the head. This one has it... Still, I'm not really sure about this one.


This was indeed made in a mould, I am not exactly sure when the Chinese started using moulds but I would say not before the first half of the 20th century, the earlier ones would have been hand made.


Probably mid or second half of 20th century. I would really try to get one with the cloth impression mentioned by heavenguy.

Please be aware that such figurines like this Budai monk (aka laughing Buddha in the west) are still being made, thus you may easily find a newer one. They are a popular item for decoration with the Chinese: https://www.chinese-antique-porcelain.com/budai.html


So, that`s the result. when I only look quickly over a piece. Not handmade, I should have seen that.
Pieces like that are not really mine, it should be a gift for a good friend.

Next I will look more closely.

Thank you all for information an help.