Chinese Immortal figure, possibly Li Tai Guai?

Started by geob10, Dec 10, 2017, 05:51:23

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i recently bought this figure, through some research, i believe it to be the immortal god - Li Tai Guai, but i could be wrong! could anyone help with the identification?

the base looks odd to me, almost like it has been filled in but im not sure, and there is no clear makers mark, perhaps the patterns on the robe mean something? i cannot find a similar piece online.

any help would be greatly appreciated

many thanks



Not sure if this is Li Tie-guai. It is a bit too life-like for an immortal, and apart from the gourd nothing would hint to him. This is most likely an item of the later 20th century, so the bottom is unreliable for dating. The gilt of the gourd has a tint like copper; this is mostly pointing to the second half of the 20th century.


thank you for your reply, that is interesting, however the gourd does have some wear to it, i would of thought that shows some age, as it must have taken some time to wear away


Gilt is the first color to be rubbed off. After everything is painted and fired, gilt is applied and then fired at a lower temperature. Touching or holding alone may be sufficient to abrade gilt over time. And here the gourd is protruding, so it may even more be exposed.


that does makes sense, thanks for your help :)