Guangxu ?

Started by konniela, Dec 10, 2017, 00:39:13

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I found this piece. The mark is guangxu and seems to be handpainted. I have seen the same decoration on other pieces by an good auction house, the only difference is, that this one here has additionally bats (?) on the backside.

The foot rim and the colours of the decoration looks similar, but I can not judge it sure.  Age signs are available.

May be of the period ?



Yes no doubt, Guangxu, mark and period.



I am very happy. My luck was here, that the dealer offered it wrong. For him it was a japanese piece with japanese marks, and so, I think, the interest was not so big. Normaly, good pieces are gone very quickly here.  I just bought it for a very good price.

But it would not have been possible without you. Here I can learn to get the right look.

Thank you !


Good Job Konniela, some of my best pieces I bought from miss represented items on line, I bought an amazing kinkozan vase that was being sold as a Chinese vase and no body bid because the Chinese most of the time do not want Japanese porcelain and visa versa.


Thank you, Stan. I am really very happy today, even it was with a little luck. I know, I must become safer with the first or second view, only so I can be quick enough. I had some pieces in the past, where I was to late, because I needed to much time to find out more. I also know, that I will make mistakes in the future at the assessement on other pieces, but mistakes are necessary for learning. 

But without your help it would not have been possible.

Thank you so much