red linear mark

Started by nightporter, Dec 08, 2017, 19:53:30

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Any information would be appreciated on the marking I have uploaded, its on the bottom of a small plate.
I did trawl through loads of marks on the web and tried uploading the image in Google's image search but I thinks its going to need human input.


Hello nightporter,

I think, this ist not a chinese plate. I could not find this mark quickly, but it looks like a japanese mark, also the decoration.


Thanks konniela

Even searching for Japanese porcelain marks I'm not finding it.



Yes, I know, I have this problem also.  I could not find this mark, but some, that looks similar. These kind of marks are mostly not very old.   


Hi Nightporter, this is Japanese and on some Japanese items the potters scribbled and it makes it unreadable, however I have seen marks like this Meaning Nippon scribbled on, but the decoration looks like that from the 30's.


If you research this mark you can omit the part below the long stroke because that mean just "made" (?). But I cannot read the others either.